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Mina and Nelly
参加日 April 2017
世界の人々と繋げるのが好きです。このサービスを通して、もっと日本の良さ、美しさを広げていけばいいなと思います!Hi, I am Mina. (Kan) Nice to meet you here. Welcome to Japan and please feel Japan much more than you thought it before! There are many interesting thing here maybe you never known. Enjoy Japan!

Hi, this is Nelly. I am from Taiwan, I have been living in Australia, New Zealand and now Tokyo. Traveling is my passion as well as meeting new friends.
My favorite quote is "Happiness is just around the corner", which can also describe your experience here in Tokyo. You can never expect what you might experience next when you are here. You might find a bar where you can have a drink with penguins, spontaneously walk into a Japanese traditional festival (matsuri), or seeing people go-carting in Mario costume on the road. Surprises and happiness are all over this beautiful city!
I am sure you will find more surprises here, so just enjoy Tokyo, Japan! Wish you have a great experience here, leaving with a big smile and unforgettable memories!
Welcome to Japan :D


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